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Battery life will make or break the 5G technology

In a 2005 survey that was conducted in over 15 countries came out with the result for the need to improve battery life in smart phone and other internet connected devices called the Smart Internet Devices (SID). It was clear at that point to see if the 4G was to be taken to the next level in terms of speed and convenience and bring autonomous cars, speech recognition, language interpretation a reality then they had to be done in real time. To accomplish this task the hardware had to be up graded and intense processing had to be done then and there, this required the devices to consume quite a bit of power and the battery technology was and is not there to bring it into reality. The battery technology was not keeping pace wit the processing technology, the Intel founder Mr.Moors law is pretty much help good when it came to processors and the reduction in size of the transistors led to lower power consumption as well as increasing the process power multi fold. It was around the same time cloud computing was emerging and what seemed to be dead end with battery technology get caught in a rut the potential of cloud computing gave way to realizing the goal of integrating SID’s. Suddenly the necessity to compute everything onsite did not pose too much of a burden since cloud computing lets you do it away from the smart device and deliver the results that are necessary to get the job done.

However the catch was that all the devices are connected and connected fast! 5G technology promises a faster way to connect these devices without draining the battery too much, since the 5G enabled SID’s are mostly ones that have sufficient onboard memory to keep track of the states that pretty much work at basic levels using machine language which requires low energy, since the fancy heavy lifting is done off site at the server station , it is capable to keep these devices run for a long time. Most of the time is spent on being in stand by mode and activated only when required will make these SID’s a reality.