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Terms of a Bicycle, a simple guide to advanced learner.

Understanding the Gears High or Low?
It is a waste of energy if you are pedaling slower than your cadence. You might face a risk of muscle strains and damage in joints, particularly damaging knees and hips. But if you are pedaling faster than your ideal cadence, it might generate an extra speed burst, but you will feel tired soon if you try to faster your cadence.
The Perfect Bicycle
Inexperienced cyclists find pedaling a cadence very slow (too high a gear.) They think this to be a better exercise, because they have to push pedals very hard.
Power lifting or swimming?
Let’s take two different types of exercise: Power lifting and swimming. After lifting 200 LB barbell 6times, you have show high force. On the other hand Swimming doesn’t involve resistance you only have to move your hands and legs in water repeatedly.
Nuts & Bolts of Derailleur Gears
A 27 speed bike is almost same as others, only it has 3 chain wheels in front and 9 sprockets at back. There are only two derailleurs, and two control levers. The left side control shifts to the 2 or 3 front chain wheels and the right side control shifts to the 5-9 rear sprockets
How Derailleur Work
The rear derailleur and its adjustment is very complicated, because of the spring and pulleys adjusted on the length of the chain which moves to different sprockets.
Always pedal forward
The front derailleur can be shifted by upper part of the chain which transmits power to the wheel. So, the front shifting will stop working if you pedal hard, or slow. The rear derailleur can be shifted under load, but its better if chain ease up a bit while shifting.
What’s What
Avoid those gears which make an extreme angle while crossing of the chain. These “cris-cross” gears are not beneficial for the chain and sprockets. Is it even bad if you combine the inside front sprocket with the outside rear sprocket. This noisy, inefficient gear might cause the chain to wear out.