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Wide-ranging and Broad cell phone network by Verizon

Verizon Signal Booster for Improved Frequency
Verizon Signal Booster for Improved Frequency

Verizon is the largest and wide-reaching cell phone network operator in the US with over 120 million subscribers. A signal booster for Verizon Wireless can help people with zero, bad or not great signal in their home, office, or vehicle. A Verizon signal booster can help you increase slow 3G and 4G LTE data speeds, eliminate dropped calls and improve poor voice quality.


For 2G and 3G service Verizon uses a mix of the 850MHz and 1900MHz blocks. These are the same frequency blocks used by almost all US and Canadian networks, so almost any of our kits will boost these signals. A repeater that works on these frequencies is called “dual band that boosts most voice, 2G and 3G in the US and Canada.


For 4G LTE Verizon primarily uses the Upper 700 MHz C Block, specifically 746 to 787 MHz range. Verizon currently uses this frequency for super-fast 4G data, while voice, 2G and 3G continues to run on the “dual band” frequencies of 850/1900MHz.


Verizon has begun updating parts of its networks to use their new “Voice of LTE” (VoLTE) service. VoLTE offers “HD audio” – higher quality transmission than is possible over regular 2G and 3G voice networks. To make sure your kit is fully compatible with these upgrades when they roll out to your area, it is recommended to  buy a kit that supports Verizon’s LTE bands.


Signal Boosters – From Small Businesses to Large Home Applications

The SureCall Fusion5 kit is a Voice/3G/4G LTE signal booster system that is specially designed for small businesses, professionals and large home applications. The Fusion5 is built in such a way that it combines PCS and Cellular dual bands with both LTE and 4G AWS frequencies for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile voice and data reception. It covers an area of up to 10,000 square feet, 5-10 simultaneous users and is configurable for all indoor environments.

Adjustable and easy to use control dials are used to balance all carrier frequencies independently. The SureCall Fusion5 is approved by all major carriers and equipped with built in safeguards to completely eliminate interference to cell towers.


  • Highest 4G data rate in the industry
  • Simple Plug and Play operation
  • Fully compliant with new FCC certification standards and approved by all major US carriers
  • Eight RSSI detectors for all inputs and outputs

The SureCall Fusion5 kit comes with a choice of two outside antennas:

The SC-288W Omni Outdoor Antenna has 4dB gain. Omni antennas receive and send signals in a 360º radius. They can receive signals from multiple cell towers and is best for boosting signal on many different carriers. They are excellent in most situations where the existing outside signal strength is moderate to strong.

The SC-230W-S Yagi Outdoor Antenna has up to 5dB of gain. It is a directional antenna which can reach cell towers up to 30 miles away. It needs to be set up pointing in the direction towards the cell tower, and because it is directional it will only pick up signal in that direction. It’s very powerful at picking up weak signal in one particular direction.

The SureCall Fusion5 kit also has a choice of two inside antennas:

The SC-222W Omni Dome Antenna is a multi-band omni-directional plastic dome antenna that gathers signals from all sides. It has 6dB gain and is designed for central locations with 360º coverage. The antenna range is dependent on three prime factors:

1) Physical obstructions

2) Power generated by the booster and

3) Reception from outside signal received and distributed by the outside antenna.

The SC-248W Panel Antenna is a directional antenna with up to 10dB gain. Panel antennas allow optimum reception to targeted areas. It can be mounted to either the wall or ceiling.


Strong outdoor signal (5 bars) up to 10,000 sq. ft. coverage
Medium outdoor signal (3-4 bars) up to 8,000 sq. ft. coverage
Weak outdoor signal (1-2 bars) up to 6,000 sq. ft. coverage





Who is the carrier of choice when choosing data plans

But even outside 4G coverage area, the Thunderbolt is an extremely capable mobile. This has recently been produced with great structure and the UI. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a stunning device with lot of high end features. This stylish device comes with a quad core 1.6 GHz central processing unit which is very fast and powerful. As all the latest applications require more power to run smoothly and this high end processor will make them run more smoothly. It will also allow you to run several applications simultaneously. It features Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system that makes it run smoothly and easily.

When the iPhone launched in 2007 and more specifically iPhone 3G in 2008, AT&T’s network was immediately crippled by the data consumption. Everyone complained that the network couldn’t handle it and AT&T was miserable. That was not the case. There was an unprecedented level of usage that no carrier would have been ready for. verizon was able to look at this empirical data and prepare for it in a way that AT&T was never able to. We will see that iPhone will soar on Verizon just as it will on AT&T with the lightened load. Remember, AT&T launched the iPhone 2G on an EDGE network while 3G was already around.

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In fact, it is a lead player in this field. The design results in this. The makers of the phone have given this phone Wi-Fi capability that has a 4.0 Bluetooth that is of low energy and a 4G-LITE connectivity speed. All these give the phone a high boast in its Wi-Fi capabilities. In addition to that, there are several Motorola Droid RAZR accessories that can be include to use in the connectivity of the phone.
Big Red as they are often called is one of the nation’s biggest carriers. They claim they have the largest 3G coverage area. When you compare maps from all the carriers for just 3G coverage, it certainly shows. Their 3G technology is known as EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized). According to their website, average speeds are from 600Kbps – 1.4Mbps down 500-800Kbps up. They are not the fastest 3G, but not by much. They do have a 4G LTE network planed, but there will be no 4G smart phones out.You can keep track of your workout on your Verizon Android phone. All you have to do is download the Cardio Trainer application and you will be set. Keeping track of your workout can be cumbersome. For instance, you may not be able to keep track of all the steps you take during a walk or the number of calories that you burned while walking. Cardio Trainer keeps track of everything you need to during your workout and more. It is well worth downloading this free application to your Android Phone.

The first cellphone in the U.S. to use fourth-generation wireless technology – better known as 4G – debuted this month with the promise of super-fast download speeds, smooth video streams and even video chat. The phone came from Sprint Nextel Corp.; verizon Wireless plans to launch its 4G network this year, with AT&T Inc. to follow in 2011 (Sony VGP-BPS8 battery) .