4 – Way Splitter

The Wilson 859106 is a four-way splitter which allows you to split the amplified signal with minimum signal loss to four inside antennas in similarly sized areas. This splitter is specifically fitted with F Female Connectors and works with 75 ohm systems.

The F connector is a coaxial connector  commonly used for “over the air” terrestrial and cable television and universally for satellite television , usually with U cable.

The F connector is not expensive, and has good 75 Ω impedence match for frequencies well over 1 GHz  and has usable bandwidth up to several GHz. One reason for its low cost is that it commonly uses the solid conductor of the specified types of coaxial cable as the pin of the male connector. Universally, stainless steel is used for all types of F connectors.

The design is subjected to the surface properties of the inner conductor (which must be solid wire) and is not corrosion resistant.  Hence waterproof versions are needed for outside use (for example, on aerials).

Corrosion resistance can be improved by coating all bare copper wires with silicon grease. The male connector body is typically crimped, or sometimes screwed, on to the exposed outer braid. Female F Type connectors have an external 3/8-32 UNEF thread (9.5 mm diameter). Most male connectors have a matching internally threaded connecting ring, though push-on versions are also available.


  • For splitting the amplified signal with minimum signal loss to four inside antennas in similarly sized areas.

Package Includes:

  • Wilson 859106 4-Way Splitter

Product Features:

  • One input – four equal outputs
  • F-Female connectors


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