Are Microchip’s MiWi™ real solutions to poor Signal Reception?

(MiWi DE) - Microchip’s Cell Phone Signal Booster Solution
(MiWi DE) – Microchip’s Cell Phone Signal Booster Solution

Microchip has development boards for a broad range of 8-/16-/32-bit PIC® microcontrollers. The development kit includes all of the hardware, software, documentation and example applications for prototyping a wireless application.

MiWi™ Development Environment (MiWi DE) is Microchip’s proprietary wireless cell phone signal booster solution which helps customers develop wireless applications and reduce the time to market. The MiWi DE is optimized for low-power, low data rate, cost sensitive application. It also offers a smaller foot-print relative to the open standard based ZigBee compliant protocol stack.

MiWi DE Stack for 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit PIC Microcontrollers is part of the Microchip Applications Libraries (MLA).

MiWi™ P2P–Simple peer-to-peer star network, light weight stack
MiWi PRO–Supports mesh network topology, Up to 8000 nodes and 64 hops
These protocols support short-range wireless networking applications.

The MiWi DE is optimized for low-power, low-data-rate, cost-sensitive application. It also offers a smaller footprint relative to the open standard-based ZigBee compliant protocol stack.

The main advantages of MiWi Development Environment are:

Ease in architecting and deploying wireless networks
Ease in portability of the applications across different Microchip RF transceivers
Ease in scaling network topologies under the MiWi protocol framework
2.4 GHz

Microchip provides transceiver-based solutions to our customers which complement our PIC® family of microcontrollers. These products provide a flexible, cost-effective platform for customers to create the optimum wireless products, and solutions for their given application.


4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant
Supports MiWi™, MiWi P2P, MiWi PRO, and ZigBee®
In-line/stand-alone encryption
Automatic MAC retransmit
Small 40-pin leadless 6 mm x 6 mm QFN package

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