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Cel-Fi DUO – A new player in Cell Phone Booster Game

Cell phone booster is not a new technology now, as it was first introduced by Wilson Electronics long time ago. Now, as every technology do, cell phone booster technology have also seen many changes and advancements and so do have resulted in form of cell phone boosters from Cel-Fi.
It will not wrong when we say that Cel-Fi booster can change the game Upside-Down. The easiest thing about Cel-Fi Boosters is their installation and good thing is that these boosters have already got FCC approval.

Coming to point that what Cel-Fi has changed in cell phone boosters? Answer is that they have made cell phone booster which do not require any kind of hardcore installation. Although, cell phone boosters from other companies also do not require any tough installation but they still requires work like drilling, wiring or adjusting antenna. But in case of cel-fi, cell phone booster do not required any wiring or drilling, it doesn’t has outdoor or indoor antenna so adjusting antenna is our question.

Actually, cel-fi have introduced cell phone signal boosters which have only two unites, first is Network Unit and other one is Coverage Unit. Network unit has to be placed at place where you get most signal coverage in your home and coverage unit have to be placed in area where you need network most. One thing which you have to keep in mind is that you have to keep Coverage Unit in range with Network Unit, coverage will show red lite and will tell you that you have placed it too far from network unit in case.