Carbon Frames have come a long way!

It used to be 10 years ago that carbon bike frames are only professional cyclists rig and commoners were only able to dream about them and how fast they can be on trails, not any more! Carbon laying technology has evolved and the material cost have come down along with the quality raising up has made it more versatile material and easy to manufacturer. The Torey value that gets mentioned in on reference to the quality of carbon is basically how many strands of carbon fiber their is in a square cm of carbon. The Torey 800H , typically an high modulus , with high tensile strength was only used in commercial aircraft manufacturing. Now with the varied method these carbon fibers can be weaved has made carbon usage in everyday life possible.


The a simple triangle hard tail carbon bikes are plenty in the market. They come in all shapes and sizes, literally! The hard part is making full suspension mountain, XC, trail and downhill bikes. Since full suspension bike frames are more complex in design and involves making sure in taking time to focus on many more stress points. There are only 5 major outfits in China that has the depth, knowledge and capacity to produce carbon frame in huge quantities. Named or no named the chances are they carbon frame you buy comes out of one of this facility. Each manufacturer gives their specification to the manufacturer and require custom quality control on their produced frames. The Giants and Specialized of the worlds have high leverage and can dictate the quality control to their own specification and requirements. That is why those frames cost upwards of 2 to 3 thousand dollars. Others who are not so strict can get theirs for cheaper. At the end of the day carbon is carbon, no matter what they quality difference is not that much difference to justify the massive mark up that some of the named brands charge for. I personally have built and ridden a no name brand Chinese carbon frame and had good results and enjoyable rides on trails.

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